Pay-What-You-Can Registration

In place of soliciting corporate sponsors, BSides CambridgeMA will fund the dollar costs of running this first event by asking participants to buy Pay-What-You-Can (PWYC) tickets.

Pay-What-You-Can is pretty much what it sounds like: please pay what you can! We’d like to ensure that no one is excluded from our event for financial reasons.

Our suggested registration donation is $20

If paying $20 would represent a hardship for you, that’s totally fine! Please pay whatever amount feels comfortable, even if that amount is $0.

If you can afford to pay more, please do! This helps cover for the folks who may not be able to pay the suggested ticket price. Any surplus after expenses will go to a good cause – this year, we will donate to G{Code}

As of Oct 9, registration is full!
We have 0 spots available for participants to register in advance.

If you would like to join the waitlist, please:

  • Send an email to bsidescambridgema[@]proton[.]me with the subject line “2023 WAITLIST – YOUR NAME”

If spots free up, we will offer them to folks on the waitlist in the order they joined.

PWYC contribution amounts are confidential and whether you paid over or under the suggested amount will not matter for your conference experience as a participant.

PWYC is an honor system. If you’re thinking this is easily exploitable, you’re right! We’ve made the decision that it’s more important to make it easy for people to get an affordable ticket for the event than to make it difficult for a jerk to get a free ticket. Please do what’s right for you and for each other.

Since it is being funded by the community (i.e., all of us) and not corporate marketing budgets, we have done our best to keep the costs as low as possible. You can see our projected budget below for details on how the money will be spent.

Projected Budget

line itemcost
venue rental325
domain registration, 1 year12
domain hosting, 1 year30
office supplies (lanyards, name tags, pens, etc.)60
water and snacks200
payment processing fees20
estimated budget for BSides CambridgeMA 2023

Any surplus after expenses will be donated to G{Code}